Google Chrome Browser Security

Google Chrome Browser Extensions For Security

HiddenChrome Secrets Settings: & Tools


Ghostery Fixer

Incognito Filter

SSL Grade


Clickjacking Reveal

Iframe Detector

User Agent Switcher for Chrome

SpyBot Search & Destroy For Windows

Spyware Blaster For Windows

Google Chrome Browser Configuration For Security

1. Go to url: chrome://extensions/
2. Check Allow in incognito on all installed extensions!

Browser Setting Configuration:

  1. url bar: chrome://settings/
  2. Enable: Advanced settings
  3. Check: Send some information to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites
  4. Check: Protect you and your device from dangerous sites
  5. Check: Send a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic

  Content Settings

     1: Cookies: Check: Block Third Party Cookies
     2. Block: Location, Camera, Microphone
     3. Flash: Ask First
     4. Popups: Blocked
     5. Ads: Blocked on sites that show intrusive ads