The Hacker's Mobile Phone

The Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review

Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Storage supports up to 128gb Micro SD

Where to Buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 Compatible 128GB MicroSD Card

Reverse Engineered Android OS


CyanogenMod usually abbreviated to CM, is an open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by Google, with added original and third-party code. It is based on a rolling release development model.

CyanogenMod ROMs 3.5 For Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Security & Partition & Encryption of SD Card

Google has created the most secure microSD card ever

Encryption Manager

SSE Universal Encryption App

SECRECY Encrypt/Hide Files a

Google Playstore Query encryption app

How to Partition the SD Card of an Android

AParted (Micro SD card Partition)

Penetration Testing

How to Hack Smartphones (Creating a Smartphone Pentesting Lab)

Cyberpunk PenTest Tools

Darknet PenTest Tools

KitPloit PenTest Tools

Download Best Android Hacking Apps

WiFi hacker: 10 best Android & Desktop WiFi hacking apps free download

Aircrack, Airodump, Aireplay, MDK3 and Reaver GUI Application for Android

Android Automatic MITM Attack Script

GSM Packets Analysis Framework

Run any Android ROM from SD card

Kali Linux on Android using Linux Deploy

Node.JS truly on Android and iOS


Android Networking

Google 2 Step Verification
Partition microSD & put Google key on partition

Using Security Key for 2 Step Verification

Google Adds a USB Key Option to Two Factor Authentication

Security Apps Without Need To Root Phone

NoRoot Firewall

OS Monitor

CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

The 5 Best VPN Service Providers

Maximizing Performance Of Android Phone

Clean Master Lite

Startup Manager

Advanced Download Manager

Battery Doctor


Secure Wipe

Best Android Browser
Simple Clean GUI & CM Security Attached

CM Browser ‐ Fast & Secure

Configuring Mobile Data Via Carrier If Accessible

T‐Mobile Network Configuration by usb (Test Mobile Data Speeds)

IMEI Spoofing

Full Tutorial: How To Change Imei Of All Android Phones

How to Change IMEI Number of Your Android Easily Rooting Required

How To Easily Fake Your GPS Location on Android

How To Easily Fake Your GPS Location on Android

Cell Phone RF Signal Jammers

Mobile Cell Phone RF Signal Shielding Bag Anti-radiation Jammer Pouch

SS7 Protocol Hacking & Exploitation

Locating Mobile Phones using Signalling System #7

Toward the HLR, attacking the SS7 & SIGTRAN applications.

Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3)

Track Any Mobile ‐ Tracking of mobile phones to an approximate location via the MSC (MSISDN) available with SS7 access.

Reading Material

CiscoPress ‐ Signaling System No.7 (SS7)

Utility for viewing .chm files